JBL Wireless Fold-able Headphones Black Model

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JBL Wireless Fold-able Headphones Black Model# E45BT/ E55BT
JBL Wireless Fold-able Headphones Black Model# E45BT/ E55BT

Available in matte black, blue, red, teal, or white, the supra-aural (on-ear) E45BT headphones feature exceptionally comfortable earpads and a cloth-lined headband that’s slightly less padded, but comfortable nonetheless. The grilles covering the 40mm driver in each earcup are labeled L and R. The earcups swivel at their connection point to the headband and can also fold inward, though there’s no included case for them to be stowed in.

The outer panel on the right earcup houses the power switch, a Bluetooth pairing button, a multifunction button that controls playback and call management, and plus/minus buttons that operate volume levels when tapped and track navigation when held for longer. The volume levels work in conjunction with your mobile device’s master levels. We’re not huge fans of combining volume and track navigation controls because it makes it easy to accidentally skip a track when you intended to adjust the volume. Also on the panel is a connection for the included headphone cable, and a pinhole microphone.

JBL E45BT inlineThe included cable is covered in cloth and features an inline microphone and remote control of the single-button variety. Connecting the cable automatically kills the Bluetooth connection to save battery life, and the headphones switch to passive mode. An included micro USB charging cable is also included, and connects to the left earcup’s outer panel.


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